Candidates will join the examination in the future transitional period of COVID-19

Candidates appearing for the examination in the special transitional period of COVID-19 may not be required to abide by the rules and regulations of the COVID-19.

Due to the recent issues of omicron or covid-19, our government just released a notice regarding a public service commission (loksewa aayog). This notice they say that we all need to follow the health precaution while going to attend the exams. The following are some of the key measures we all need to follow during this covid-19 pandemic.

Candidates will join the examination in the future transitional period of COVID-19

1. You have to wear a non-abrasive mask so that your face is well covered. It will be used as per the requirement.

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2. Candidates with COVID-19 infection or symptoms should inform the office/branch conducting the examination in advance.

3. Candidates in the examination center will enter their names and room numbers in a lined-up line without any fuss.

4. Candidates do not sit in groups during or after the exam. After the completion of the examination, you will have to go out of the examination without any hesitation.

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5. Candidates will have to manage their own health care including drinking water.

6. All the candidates will have to go to the website of the Commission regarding their health condition and submit the self-disclosure form related to covid through an electronic medium. In addition, you will have to provide advance information about your health condition in the security-related organization and the organization related to the candidates who will be appearing in the examination of the security organization and the affiliated organization.

7. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, other health safety measures prescribed by the Government of Nepal must be followed. The following rules have been enacted by the Commission to ensure the safety and security of the examination.

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